Introduction: Altoids Survival/Solar Cooker Kit

If you are wondering what is even better than a Altoids survival can here is a great example! With these quick steps you can have a reliable survival kit that doesn't take up your whole bag. Feel free to add your own modifications to your Altoids survival can and share your ideas with others!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Altoids can

2. Tin foil

3. Saran wrap

4. Fishing worms (rubber)

5. Small to medium sized hooks

6. 8 feet of mildly strong rope (para cord or nylon will work)

7. Whistle

8. Box of waterproof matches (keep the box)

9. Duct tape or electrical tape (I used both)

10. Multi tool

Step 2: Modifications to the Outside of the Can

First, you will need to get your match box and cut of the part used for striking the match. After you cut it out, tape it to the bottom of the can using duct or electrical tape. (BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE PUT ON SOME TOUGH GLOVES, I LEARNED THE HARD WAY)After you tape it on securely, poke four hole like shown in the picture. After you do that get the knife from your multi tool and cut out a rectangle and then tape it with electrical tape so there is no sharp edges.

Step 3: The Solar Cooker

First ,you will need to coat the whole inside with tinfoil and firmly tape it to the inside of the can. After that, get your saran wrap and fold it in half or as many times as you can (as long as it is a little bigger than the cut out rectangle and pretty translucent you should be fine).

Step 4: Final Step

Now add the remainder of the items and feel free to add your own combinations

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