Introduction: Hhv



Step 1: Materials

An Altoids tin, two jacks, a chain necklace, a Paperclip, two rubber bands, a small pencil, Chapstick, a balloon, and a notepad, I made mine. These things are optional, you can put what ever you want in it! And my Altoids tin is silver because I put actitone on it to make it shiny!

Step 2: The Chained Jack Game

I bet you were wandering what the jacks and chain necklace were for, we'll its for a game. You set the two jacks apart from each other and you use the chain necklace to try to lift up one of the jacks, then once you pick it up, you try to set it on top of the other jack without it falling, you get 3 chances. Then, once the jack is on top of the other one, you try to pull the chain away without anything falling. Good luck!

Step 3: Placing the Item in the Tin (optional)

1: The Jacks 2: The Chain Necklace 3: The Paperclip 4: The 2 Rubber Bands 5: The Chapstick 6: The Pencil 7: The Balloon 8: and The Notepad

Step 4: Now Your Done!

Now with this anti boredom kit, you can take it on long car rides the bank, the doctors office and more! You will never be bored again! -TimsProjects
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