Introduction: Altoids Tin Earbud Case!

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I've always had trouble with what to do with my earbuds. I've tried holding them, bunching them up and stuffing them in my pocket (which my friend still does), and recently I've used the over-under method. That works okay, but if you have other stuff in your pocket, like I do on a regular basis, they tend to still get tangled up. So I thought, then looked at the Altoids gum tin sitting in the corner waiting for a project. That was enough for me.
This is a really simple project that only uses a few components and tools, but is very rewarding in the end when you can rest easy knowing that your earbuds will feel no more pain from getting poked by screws and other useless junk in you pocket. Have fun!

Step 1: Parts and Stuff

As for parts, the only things you'll need are an Altoids gum tin and little "L" brackets. I got mine from OSH. They're about 3/4" long and tall, and about 1/2" wide.
The tools are pretty easily obtainable, too. You'll need a hot glue gun with glue sticks, a vice, a flat head screwdriver, and a wrench. The last few tools can be substituted for similar items. They are all for bending the "L" brackets, so use whatever works.

Step 2: The Brackets

You will need to bend the "L" brackets enough so that when they are in the tin, the lid won't contact them when it closes. This should be close to 90 degrees.
To bend the brackets, first put one in the vice. Then slide the end of the screw driver under it and lift up. This should keep the entire "arm" straight as you bend it. You may also need a wrench for the last bit. Once the first one is done, duplicate the method for the second bracket.

Step 3: Gluing the Parts Together

Before you glue the brackets into place in the Altoids tin, mark the center line of the tin with a Sharpie and ruler. Now you can put the brackets into place. Get your hot glue gun actually hot so the glue takes a while to cool down. Then put some glue in then tin. Too much will add to the height of the "L" brackets and cause them to hit the lid. Too little will make them break off. Do one bracket at a time and position them so they point outwards. After both are glued in, wait a while, then try it out. Start with the plug on the side where the lid is attached and begin wrapping. Because of the angle of the brackets, the cord actually slides down and positions itself perfectly in line with the other wraps. At the end of the process, put the actual earbuds themselves in the center of the wrappings and close the lid. Horray! You've succeeded at winning the mission! Also, just a little pointer to those of you who like soldering and music. Soldering irons do not like earbud cords.