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About: I'm 16 in Waco, Texas. I love being outside and building things, I can build anything with just a few ideas and tools.

This just yet another altoids tin guitar. I built it for about $5.(I already had tuners and strings) -altoids tin $1.50 -wooden dowel $.20 -piezo buzzer $2.50 -screws $.20 -paint stirrers $.50 I basically glued paint stirrers together together for the neck, cut a slot for it in the altoids tin with a dremel, and screwed it down to the bottom of the altoids tin. Then using the dremel, I cut a slot in the wood for the piezo buzzer, glued it in, and drilled a hole for the input. Using the tuners I had, I could only fit 3 strings, so I drilled holes for the tuners and mounted those. I then cut the dowel into 2 lengths for the bridges and glued those down. After that I just had to drill holes for the string and put those in and tighten them down. It's really hard to get this in tune to use, so don't plan on getting good sound to play it, its more of a novelty. But still it's pretty cool to have and fun to mess around with. Also, to make the pick that's on it I got an iTunes gift card and carefully cut around the circle design on the card. It's really easy to make and some pretty cool designs can be made with different cards. Happy playing!

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