Introduction: Altoids Tin Fire Starter Kit

it may be small but it can start fires and it's always there when you need it. the sleek compact design allow it to fit inside an Altoids tin, Plus it is is super cheap and simple to build, its been tested and works excellent

Step 1: Things You Will Need

empty Altoids tin
8 storm proof strike anywhere matches
Large ziploc
Magnesium fire starter with striker
3 coghlans fuel tablets

Step 2: Sandpaper Placement

Cut square of sandpaper around the same diameter as the inside of the Altoids tin lid and glue one side. repeat inside on bottom Cut a thin piece of sandpaper and apply glue evenly on the underside of the Altoids tin.

Step 3: How to Make Mini Ziplocs

Cut out square piece of ziploc from larger ziploc bag. Make sure it has both zip sides, carefully melt the sides with lighter. Dip your fingers in water and pinch the sides immediately after melting. Judge size of bag according to the size of the item that needs to go inside

Step 4: Layer 1. Fuel Tablets

Place 3 fuel tablets in mini ziploc into tin

Step 5: Layer 2. Magnesium Fire Starter and Striker

Put them to the side of the fuel tablets.

Step 6: Layer 3. Storm Matches

Put them in a mini ziploc too and gently put it on top, fold and tuck some of the bag under the magnesium fire starter

Step 7: Finishing Touches

You may want to duct tape the sides for extra protection. You may also want to to put a rubber band around it to keep it closed better. If you want you can also add some steel wool in there. Steel wool can start a fire with just one spark. I recommend very fine steel wool.

Step 8: Finished Product

Congratulations. Use your new kit well

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