Introduction: Altoids Tin: Pocket Pellet Rifle

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While John Austin, author of "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction" may have thought of the pellet pen, he hadn't envisioned what it could become. Having made these little demons when I was younger in the 5th grade, I know how powerful they can be... But the larger form (John Austin's original pellet pen) didn't really ever fit in your pocket... Plus, what can you shoot at? The book gives you paper targets, yet I craved more. This instructable will show you how to make your own pocket rifle, plus it's own case, ammo holder and target. Enjoy!

Step 1: Raid the Supply Room!

To make your pellet rifle, you will need:

-Pellets (From a pellet gun)



-Rubber Band

-Paper (For picture. Not shown.)

-Duct tape

-Mechanical Pencil

-Electrical tape


-Picture (Of an enemy or despised creature! I chose a zombie! :) Not shown)

-Small Binder Clip

-Altoids Tin (Empty, of course!)

Step 2: Dissecting the Mechanical Pencil...

A mechanical pencil is easily taken apart, so long as you have the proper knowledge! Look at the pictures as a reference should you require aid!

1. Remove the plunger covering.

2. Push back of pencil as if pushing out lead (remove any lead inside, it won't be needed.). Hold down the back of pencil.

3. Cut plunger out.

4. Pull out the inside of the pencil. It should look like the picture.

5. Cut off skinny end of the inside part of the pencil.

6. Cut off the skinny end of outside tube. (Remember, take your time! This part is annoying and difficult, so be careful!)

7. Dispose of unneeded parts. (Except for the spring! Springs are useful!)

Step 3: Cut It Down to Size...

Keep your Altoids tin on hand so that you can compare the sizes to make sure the "rifle" will fit.

1. Begin to cut off all parts that hang over the edge of the Altoids tin.

2. Check the pencil fits inside the tin.

Step 4: Add Rubber Band

1. Cut band.

2. Put middle of the band on top of the eraser part of the pencil.

3. Tape around the top.

4. Pull band parts down and tape around it.

5. The top is most likely stuck because of the tape. Pull it out and continually jam it back and forth. This will stop the tape from sticking.

Step 5: Ammo

When I was in 5th grade, the preferred ammo for shooting eraser caps were toothpicks. However, this is a pellet rifle, right? Grab a pellet and stuff it down the barrel.

Step 6: Firing!

Once your ammo is in the chamber, pull the back off the pencil back and let go! Your round should go flying towards your target!

Step 7: Warnings, Repairs and Mods

First off, don't go around and shoot peoples' eyes out. Don't shoot it at your dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters or whatever. If rats are in the basement (and you are a demonic child...), go ahead and try to blow their brains out. It won't work. This gun will leave welts and bruises or possibly cause bleeding, but it won't kill anything (unless you are really trying.). I AM NOT responsible for anything stupid you do on your behalf. Act responsibly. Now, if the gun breaks (which it probably will), here is how to fix it.

1. Top band slipped out?: Simply cut tape at top and put the band back. Re-wrap with different electrical tape.

2. Band broke?: Cut all tape off and get a new band. Go back and re-read the section on attaching a rubber band.

Everyone loves weapon mods! So who says our little rifles can't have them too? Just grab these supplies!:



-Cardboard and picture

-Small binder clip

-Duct tape and paper.

Now, use rubber bands or tape and attach the laser pointer or Fingerlight. Or, you could add a binderclip as a bipod! Cut your cardboard down to Altoids tin size, glue your picture on, clip a binderclip on the bottom, and you have a fully functional target! Finally, roll a paper tube and tape one end closed, then cover the whole tube with tape. Fold one end and you have an ammo tube! (Sorry, didn't have a laser pointer or a Fingerlight on hand, so I couldn't do those mods... :( )

Step 8: End Product

Well, now you have a mini shooting kit for those boring family vacations, to get rid of those darn varmints or just to entertain yourself. Enjoy! Vote for me in the Makerlympics contest! Have a nice day!

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