Introduction: Altoids Tin Portable Breadboard With Power Supply

Im using solderless breadboard very often, I find it very useful you dont have to solder everything, so you will not destroy your parts and you can quickly change something if theres a problem. Recently I am working on one big project which contains few small projects first was the Altoids Tin Helping hands with fume extractor and heres the second project.

1x LM317
1x 120R rezistor
1x 760R rezistor
1x 330R rezistor
(or you can use you own values which you can calculate from the equation on the picture in the second step)
2x Switch
Some DC connector (depend on what supply you want to use, ive also used 9V battery to make it really protable)
Altoids Tin
Small solderless breadboard
optional = control LED
piece of protoboard to solder on

Soldering iron
dremel (im using some fake chineese)

Step 1: Circuit

heres the circuit of the regulator ive putted it on piece of protoboard
while assembling keep on mind that you have to put it inside tin, so dont make it too big 
then make leads from output and ground to the two rows on the breadboard (ive glued them)

Step 2: Assemble It

When youre done assemble everything if you are using optional battery meke inside some walls from junk piecces of plastic or something like that 

Step 3: Optional : Make Some Jupers

well you can use basic cables but i hate them so ive decided to create my own 
you will need :
- some sort of insulated wire
- insulating tube
- stripped legs of rezistors or pin headers

strip piece of wire than solder pin header on them and insulate them with tube
then you can store them inside the tin

Step 4: And Youre Done

when youre it should looks like this, you should probably measure voltege coming out with multimeter.

Here's video how it works  :

this was my second instructable im still learning how to make it right
if there any problem leave a comment or send a message

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