Introduction: Altoids Tin for Holding Small Drill Bits.

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This is a 3d printed liner for an Altoids tin for hold small drill bits.


An Altoids tin with contents removed and eaten.

Some felt.

A peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Step 1: Start With a Box With Rounded Corners

I used Inkscape to draw a box with rounded corners with these dimensions.

93 mm X 59 mm with a corner radius of 12 mm

imported the STL Inkscape file into Tinkercad.

Look around as there are some object models online

for Altoids tins that can be modified.

I made the flat image 18mm thick, copied it. The second image I reduce by 5 mm all round so I'd have

2.5 mm thick walls.

Turned this into a hole

Dropped it down, merged and Bob's ya uncle, a tray.

Step 2: Now We Can Add Dividing Walls to the Tray

I made the dividing walls about 2 mm thick.

I also added 2.5 mm diameter columns and placed them at each corner to

give rigidity.

Step 3: The Dividing Walls Should Look Like This

Step 4: How to Make Hole Text So the Hole of 0 Doesn't Fall Out

step 1) type text

step 2) put a divider (green) through the centre of 0

step 3) turn the green divider into a hole

step 4) merge. You should have a line through 0

step 5) place on to the bit you want the hole text

step 6) turn text into a hole

step 7) merge and you'll have hole text and the middle of 0 will not fall out

I divided the tray sections into the different sizes of drill bits

Step 5: Final Touch

3d Printed the tray with PLA filament

100% fill

I had to sand the bottom edges of the tray to help slide it into the tin

I had left a small lip between the top of the tray and the lid of the tin.

The top of the tin is lined with felt to stop the very small diameter drill bits from jumping from section to section.

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