Introduction: Altoids Urban Survival/lost Kit

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This is my altoids urban lost kit, I wouldnt really call it survival. In here there's stuff that I could use even if I wasnt lost.

Step 1:

On the side I have a match striker.

Step 2:

Step 3: The Inside

-Emergency money: 17 dollars , not much but enough for me to get something to eat and drink.
-5 bandaids
-5 needles
-1 bobby pin
-1 paper clip
-2 safety pins
-3 matches
-1 flossy thingy lol
-2 pills different purposes
-5 altoids in a small baggy
-a comb
-3 sheets of paper
-1 wheel of thread
-a pen
-a razor
-a striker on the side of the box
-electrical tape
-burn jel
-sting relief for insect bites
-triple antibiotic ointment
-a war heads extreme sour lemon candy to wake me up
-a glue gun glue stick. I put this in there because its smaller than super glue and it can be reused. Yeah i dont have. a glue gun but i can melt it with fire and use it for many things.
-And last, an old MP3. I know what youre thinking, that's just taking space you dont need it. Well this MP3' s screen broke and when i "fixed it" it didnt work so i just ended up removing the whole thing. it still works like an ipod shuffle and it has a speaker so i dont need headphone, it has a built in radio and i do remember how to get there even with out the screen. but most important is that it also works as a flash light.

Step 4:

Step 5: New Step

Step 6: Well Hope You Guys Liked It

comment if im missing something because i know i am:)
or just because,
this is the first instructable i do.