Introduction: Altoids Smalls Magnetic Switch Flashlight

The first time i saw the instructables on the original Altoids smalls flashlight, i thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  (I love LED's and flashlights.)  However, i always thought, with a push button switch, having it in your pocket it was probably likely to be on while it was in your pocket.  So i tried thinking of a way to make it so the switch would be inside, but there wasn't much room for a toggle switch (as I love toggle switches) to fit inside the tinny tin.  For a while a way to do it eluded me, as the obvious often does.  Then it hit me one night lying in bed watching tv.  "Of course, a reed switch" or magnetic switch as it is also known. I don't recall how it came to me (i made this about a year ago) but it just did.  I couldn't wait to begin...  Please read all the way through, because the final product is slightly changed for durability.  Here is one of the links i got this idea from. I will be entering this into the "Make It Glow Challenge" contest, so pleeeeease vote for it.

Step 1: Parts

Here is what you will need.

Altoids smalls tin
LED's and LED holders (5mm)
Drill bit (i used 15/64 as it holds the LED holders in more snugly)
perf board (I used this in the final product for durability)
reed switch (got mine of ebay for cheap)
2032 battery (or any of your choosing)
2032 battery holder
wire cutters
black tape.
needle nose pliers

Step 2: Lets Begin

I first covered the inside of the tin with black tape. Then i marked and drilled two holes where the LED holders will go and inserted the holders in the newly drilled holes. Sorry for the pictures, my work table is black.

Step 3: The Cirucuit

Insert the LED's with one leg facing the top and one leg facing the bottom of the tin, and bend both negative legs like this(see picture) so that you can solder the reed switch into place. Once you solder the reed switch, bend the switch leg so that it is in line or right below the "lip" (I guess it's called) of the Altoids tin. The switches i got are made of glass so they are delicate, so be careful not to break it as you bend it.

Step 4:

Now bend the positive side legs so that they look like this, and solder them together

Step 5:

Now get two wires and solder the positive side of the battery holder to the positive side of the LED's and the negative side of the battery holder to the reed switch leg.  I used solid core wire for this part to hold that batter holder in place.  The finished product should look like the picture.  Now after finishing this and breaking one of the reed switches while i was bending it, i figured with movement of the battery over time the reed switch might end up breaking. So i redid everything and put it all on a perf board.  I didn't take pictures while i was making it, I only took a picture of the finished product which should be below as well.  If you don't want to use perf board you could just use hot glue to keep everything in place.  I hope you like it, this is my first instructables so please be kind.  And once again I'm entering this in the "Make It Glow Challenge" contest, so your votes are greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!!

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