Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

This instructable is going to be on a survival kit. It will be very helpful in times of crisis like getting lost in the forest or getting stranded somewhere. I hope you guys all enjoy my first instructale and please please please remember to comment and follow.

P.S. post your own version on the comment box and i shall follow you!

Step 1: Materials for the Kit

These are the materials you will need for the kit.

1 altoids tin
2 Large knee bands
2 smaller knee bands
5 small bands
1 mask
2 middle sized bands
2 large rubber bands
a pair of earplugs
1 tea pack,wrapped in tissue
1packet of salt
1 plastic bag
some tinfoil
a pair of plastic gloves
some wire and cotton,wrapped in cooking foil
1 alcoholic wipe
2 safety pins,strapped on to the alcoholic wipe
1 tiny band
1 packet of sugar
1 packet of sun cream
2 toothpicks
1 mini straw
3 cotton buds with string wrapped around.
some money

Step 2: Packing It In!!

Packing everything will take a bit of practice,but after you get it,it will be nothing. The mask goes on the outside,strapped on by the rubber band. Remember, yours doesn't have to look the same as mine.

Step 3: Final Touches

Now,just strap on the mask on the back with the rubber band and your done!