Introduction: Altoids Tin Trout Fishing Mini Tackle Box!

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This is a very easy mini tackle box that takes about 15 minutes to make.  It includes the gear I use to catch trout from a stream, minus the pole, reel, net, pliers and hip waders.  Although I include spinners in the tackle box, my preferred bait is nightcrawlers (worms).  Crickets  and other small insects are also effective baits.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Coping saw
Caulk (not pictured)


Altoids tin
Mattress foam
~1/2" wide popsicle/craft sticks x3
Swivels (prevent line twist)
Hooks (#10 octopus hooks and #12 straight shank hooks)
Split shot (pea size)
Micro spinner baits

Step 2: Compartmentalize!

Cut the craft sticks to fit snugly going across the tin.  Try cutting longer than you need and then sanding gradually until the fit is perfect.  They can go either way, depending on what you plan to put in your tackle box.  Caulk the corners so they don't shift when you slip the tin in your pocket. 

Step 3: Minimize Shifting.

Cut out small blocks of the mattress foam (or any other foam you may have) to fit snugly in each compartment.  I had to trim off the little hills to make a flat surface.  Keep in mind they will probably be slightly different in size (I just eyeballed the stick placement).  This will keep your tackle neat and tidy even if you fall in the stream!

Step 4: Catch Some Trout for Dinner!

These beautiful brown trout were caught using the gear found in the mini tackle box.  The center fish was my biggest to date,1 lb, 4 oz.  He was delicious!  See you on the shoreline!