Introduction: Aluminum Can Ant

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Simple ant with six legs and pincers.. all from one can.. all you need is a pair of scissors

Step 1: Stuff You Need

heres what you'll need:

-1 aluminum can.. soda, ice tea, beer whatever.
-1 scissors
-approximately 10minutes

Step 2: Cut #1

cut one vertical cut, from top to bottom

Step 3: Cut #2

cut this shape and fold it out .. on either side of the vertical slit
..see the second image for the finished flaps

Step 4: A Few Folds

bend the top and bottom like so.. one end will be the head while the other .. the abdomen

Step 5: Cut and Fold the Legs

remember the flaps from the earlier steps?...
cut six legs from these.. three on either side.

see the second image on how to crease them so they become stiff..

for the Pincers on the head(see image 2): 
cut tapering strips around the head part.. and fold forward.. for pincers.. if you do another set of thinner ones, you can do antennae as well.

Step 6: Done!

and thats it!
you can paint it if you like :)

please post pics of the ones you do in the comments!
for more complex can animals have a look at my crabs


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