Introduction: Aluminum Copper Colored Beer Bottle LED Light Chandelier (With Cap Saver Display)

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Hi everyone! This is Michael with Elemental LED!

This has been a long awaited project of mine and I am so excited to show it to you all! Hooking the lights up is fairly simple on this project but it is the chandelier frame that can be a little tricky. I suggest coming up with a design you like and going with it. I will provide my dimensions for reference, but ultimately it will be up to you to handle that part.

Material You Will Need:

Chandelier Frame
Acrylic for Under Display (Check out Tap Plastics, they are an excellent source for acrylic!)
Steel Chain (for Suspending the Chandelier)
Chain Locks (Quick Links) - Like These 
Beer Bottles and Caps (Clear bottles work best for the colors, but the look of saving up your favorites is really nice too)

Lighting Material You Will Need:

6x ft. High Density RGB Strip Light
3x High Density RGB Bending Extension
4x ft. High Density Warm White Strip Light
3x High Density Bending Extension
Wireless Color Controller
REIGN Touch Dimmer Switch
8/2 Clear Lamp Wire
60 Watt Plug-In Adapter
1x DC Wire Plug - Female

All right! Lets do this thing!!

Step 1: Chandelier Base Measurements

You will have to start by building a chandelier base. I have a previous experience in the sheet metal field so that was my method of choice. I used Aluminium for its lighter material weight yet super durable strength. 

I wish I could be a little more helpful in this part of the tutorial, but there is not to much I can do as I put this together in my uncles sheet metal shop and most users will not have access to these tools.

You could build this out of wood just as strong. Just make sure to use strong screws and wood glue between your pieces. A nice wood stain could really give this a whole new look.

Step 2: Prep for Paint

Once you have your chandelier base ready, use a drill to make holes on the top for corners to attach chain / chain locks. After the holes are made you will put your chain on the chain clips and attach the locking clip to your pre-drilled hole.

After all the chains are attached hang your chandelier to be painted.

Paint the chandelier with whatever method you choose. I used copper colored metal paint and applied 2 coats.

Step 3: Power and Wiring

Prep your power supply by either plugging it in or not. Either way is fine as you are working with safe voltages (12v DC).

Plug in the DC wire plug to the power supply so you can attach raw wire to it.

Before attaching any wire to the DC plug, first be sure of what you need. I recommend to join the two wire runs of whatever length you need together and weave it trough the chain ahead of time. Leave about 1 - 2 feet in the chandelier for powering the color controller and the display lights.

For the wire being hooked up to the REIGN switch make a mark ahead of time of some sort so you don't have to figure it out after they are weaved together.

You will need to determine how much wire you need to go from the chandelier to the REIGN switch and to the DC plug.

Now, back at the power source, join the two wires positives and negatives together and attach them to the DC plug for power.

Step 4: Installing the Lights

Take your tape light and attach all the connectors ahead of time. Once all the connectors are attached peel back the adhesive covering and lay it on the chandelier base. For the RGB I put it under the top lip to shine down on the bottles. The warm white display lights I put at the bottom of the cap keeper. (I'm sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this step, see this video tutorial to get an idea on how the strip works)

Using your mark to determine what wire is for what, take the wires you have left some slack on in the chandelier and attach them to the color controllers power and the display lights.

Then just try and hide the color controller best you can. It is radio frequency so it can pretty much go anywhere.

Step 5: Place the Acrylic Base, Then Bottles and Caps

Place the acrylic piece on the flanges in the cap keeper. You can glue it or seal it some how if you like, but I just prefer to have it rest on the flanges.

Then place your bottles in the cut outs, followed by saved up caps if you have them. if you don't have any bottles or caps yet, through a party and start building up!

Step 6: Enjoy Your Lighting!

You should now have your lighting all hooked up and ready to enjoy.

The color modes you can use on the controller are in the images on this step.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Beer!

Now grab a beer! Save the cap! Enjoy good times!