Introduction: Aluminum Engraving

Today I am going to show you few steps when you start your CNC working.

There are several thing you need to pay attention to every CNC machine parts when you use the CNC router machine.

Step 1: Check the External Situation of the CNC Router Machine

Check every CNC router partsare in a good condition, no visiable damage.

Check whether there is enough lubricating oil for the transport systems.

Then turn on the machine for 2-3 minutes in slow motions, and see whether there are abnormal situations.

Step 2: Check the CNC Spindle

Firstly if you are using water-cooled spindle motor, you should check whether there is enought water for spindle's cooling system.

Then check the lubrication system and make sure there is enough lubricating oil.

Also the liquid level of coolant should exceed the standard line.

Step 3: Check the CNC Milling Tools

Check whether the CNC router bits are damaged in blade.

Then check the CNC Spring Collets Chucks whether hold the router bit tight.

Below is the strategy you might need when testing unfamiliar bits. This works particularly well for routers.

Optimizing feed rates and speeds:

1. Start off using an RPM derived for the chip load for the material being cut.

(18000RPM to cut MDF)

2. To increase the cutting speed (feed rate) by 1m/s a time, until the part’s edge starts to be rough or hold downs is starting to lose control. Then decrease speed by 10%.

3. To decrease when the edge of part starts to be rough, and then bring RPM back up until finish is acceptable.

4. This optimizes RPM and speed to remove the largest possible chips. To reduce the amount of work needed, a range of feeds and speeds is provided to start at (step 1 above). To increase performance, optimize feeds and speeds as detailed above. If there are any surface finish problems, adjust until performance is acceptable. If there are a lot of work holding issues, it may be necessary to revisit the hold down method to ensure it is adequate.

Step 4: Insert Your Working Program and Observe the Working Situation

In case of accident happens or the program goes wrong, you should push the red stop button immediately.

Then to find the mistake and start over.