Introduction: Aluminum Foil Has Box Tabs to Retain the Roll

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There are bits of information that when you find out, you think “Why didn’t I know that?” Or better yet, “Why didn’t “they” tell me?” “They” made sure we knew that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore. “They” made sure we knew that the Brontosaurus didn’t exist (however, “they” are “rethinking” that).

The information usually isn’t an epiphany like BC discovering “Clams got legs!” Hopefully not knowing isn’t as painfully embarrassing as Stallone not knowing how to use “The Three Seashells” in Demolition Man.

My most recent one was finding out that Reynolds aluminum foil boxes have tabs on the ends of the box. After you start the roll, you push in the tabs to keep the roll in the box as you pull on the foil. Oddly, Reynolds Parchment Paper and Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper do not have tabs.

Saran wrap has tabs. Member’s Mark parchment paper does not have tabs.

Do the tabs show up on other roll goods?

Why didn’t “they” tell me?

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