Introduction: Aluminum Owl Clock

Please note: This is my first instructable so it may not be perfect

This clock was made as a present.

It was machined out of a block of aluminum that was 320mm x 230mm x 10mm.

It uses hands and the motor that were salvaged out of an old wall clock

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

The materials needed are pretty simple.

- A piece of 320mm x 230mm x 10mm aluminum plate $25

- The motor and hands from a old wall clock $7

- A few bolts to mount the clock to the machine $2

- Glue to hold the motor in $5

Tools required:

- CNC Milling machine

- Tap set

The clock was black anodized after the initial machining. This is relatively cheap I got mine done for less than $30

Step 2: Step 2: Drawing and Toolpath Generation

I used solidworks to draw the shape i wanted for the clock.

I have attached the stl file for reference.

The drawing is rather simple and could easily be modified to get a different look.

I no longer have access to the original solidworks file.

Step 3: Step 3: Machining and Anodizing

To machine this i had access to a Fadal VMC4020 milling machine.

The plate was held in the corners and the insides were machined out.

It was then flipped over and held from the back using the 3 tapped holes that were machined in. This was the easiest way to hold it so that there weren't any holes in the front.

The top surface was faced and the out side shape was cut out.

Once this was complete I had it anodized black.

Finally the anodized piece was placed back in the machine and features such as the eyes, feathers and feet were machined out.

The motor can then be glued into placed and a screw can placed in the top hole on the back in order to hang the clock

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