Introduction: Aluminum Planting Tags

We are going to make some write on aluminum can labels. I use for planting but larger ones could be used for marking garden rows. These are pretty low tech so if you have old cans, scissors and a sharp razor knife you should be able to make quite a few in a short time. I was cleaning my greenhouse and finding old labels broken faded bent plastic ones, I also remember using some white plastic ones last year written by a permanent marker and before I could plant cabbage broccoli Brussel sprouts The label had faded and I could not tell one from the other, I also had the same mistake with Tomato plants being just what kind. Also buying long plastic ones that that I found that were not UV resistant. And I found there in my salvaged label box some write ons still legable from a few years back, they were expensive so never bought anymore, And difficult to work again. I tore one apart just to see how they did it.. Piece of soft paper was in the middle, a short soft wire was used for a tie, well the wire didn't work for my purpose. So I made a couple while having my coffee, and came up with this design.

While researching online I looked up "Aluminum plant tags" to make sure I wasn't copying someone else's works Watching youtube gave many ideas. I did not want to make some that needed perfect measurements, They did not need to be high tech either. Most that I looked at was although very nice looking, It would take months before I had as many as I needed, So if your looking for fancy, or complex these are not. However, they do work for the intended purpose and with a little ingenuity, they could be made other ways as well.wl


Material list

aluminum cans

soft cardboard (think cracker like box)

sharp razor knife. nows the time to change that blade)


optional awl

Step 1: Putting It All Together

Must wash unless you like your hand sticky, or coated by whatever was in the can prior to you gathering it

Find some soft cardboard, think cracker-like box, shoebox, a thicker single layer is best. I tried used envelopes but they were hard to mark on

While holding the can in one hand use a sharp razor knife in other, push into the can with the point and use the length of the razor blade just above the crease cut can lid and bottom off. I use the scissors to cut from top to bottom of the can after ends are removed

Cut a 12 oz can into three strips, fold each strip leaving 1/4 inch or so wider on one side, put a short piece of a cereal box in between layers, don't worry if it's too long or not wide enough Then carefully lift the longer edge and fold over the narrow side

I get three labels from a 12 oz can, each finished label is approx 1 inch wide and approx 3 inches long. I use my scissors to trim each open end,

Larger cans can produce longer labels. Of course, different shapes get creative go to google type in "Aluminum plant tag" Click on images for other ideas

you can add lengths of old wire with full open curl to use as row markers

You can make a larger square or rectangle ones by making fewer per can.

You can purchase small writable tags online, but ones you make are SPECIAL..

Step 2: Other Finished Labels

The sky is the limit on how you wish to make them, I added some copper wire to one so it can be attached.

Thanks for looking.

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