Introduction: Aluminum Toothpick

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Making an aluminum toothpick, I'm not sure where this idea came from but this is where I ended up. You may or may not desire to use it to pick stuff from your teeth maybe just as a tool. Either way here goes.

Step 1: Required Tools and Supplies

I still feel odd putting together an instructable. I always worry if someone will be put off by how i word something or wonder why i even posted an instructable. i guess when you make something and share it you are putting yourself out there for the world to see and while it is a challenge to put it out there if it helps someone else in any way even simply for enjoyment it is worth that reward.... not sure where that came from but anyway this is what you will need.
  • Aluminum fence ties (HD or Lowes) 30pcs/$4
  • Hammer
  • Anvil or Hard smooth surface can act as one
  • Bench Grinder, Files
  • Sharpening stone or other fine abrasive

Step 2: Sizing & Shaping

Begin by cutting the aluminum to the desired legth. Next  lay the tie on the anvil (i used the head of a 16lb sledge hammer) Begin by lightly hammering until the top edge is flattened now rotate 180 and flatten the opposite edge. Now 90 and flatten that edge. Then 180 again and flatten the final edge. Now your aluminum tie should be square on one end and round on the other. {A} Repeat the process for the other end. After you have squared both ends use the hammer at an angle to begin to form the pointed tips.

Step 3: Getting to the Point & Cleaning Up

Now that you have the tips roughly formed clean it up on the grinder. Once you have your tips shaped move to the sharpening stone to finish and smooth all the rough edges. Next stop polishing currently cant find my dremel case but once i do ill post up dated pictures. Again thank you for your time.

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