Aluminum Star Casting

Introduction: Aluminum Star Casting

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Last time that I have published an Ible was about 3 years ago so with Christmas coming up soon I decided to share with you my recent aluminum casting project. I also created my first 2 tutorials, this is the first time that I actually spoke on my videos so it was an exciting process for me as well, I am aware that there is still a bit of polishing needed for my tutorials ;-)

Anyway this project is about how to cast an aluminum star from scrap aluminum describing most of the steps from A-Z.

The first video I will show how I have created the sand mould and in my 2nd video I focused more on my homemade foundry and the actual casting process.

So I hope you enjoy ;-)

Aluminum star casting part 1 (sand mould preparation):

Aluminum star casting part 2 (pouring the aluminum):

Step 1: Sand Mould Images

Here are some images of the sand mould creation.

I used plastic star as a pattern, oil boned sand to get a good casting finishing and a DIY wooden flask.

Step 2: After Pouring the Molten Aluminum

So in this set of images you can see the actual aluminum star casting, taking it out of the oil bonded sand, 1 hour after the aluminum pour.

After cleaning the extra aluminum and cutting off the gating system, some polish and you can see the final result, really cool project ;-)

Step 3:

Last step I used my tap and die set to thread a hole for a long nut. The nut is covered with a metal tube and attached to the Christmas tree with zip ties.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh man, this excellent!

    I hope you'll continue to post written instructions to accompany your videos! That way the speed readers like me can gather all the info you share quickly, and then come back for the videos when time allows.. Just my thoughts! :)

    And welcome back, by the way!