Introduction: Always Organized Pencil Case

Design thinking is a process of creative thinking to solve a problem. Design thinking is important when designing because you can have a better plan for things and think about your audience's needs and wants. My design is an organized pencil case that has special dividers for pencils in the inside and can open and close.


-hot glue gun



-acrylic paint

-push pins




-rubber band

Step 1: Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy is understanding what another person is feeling, this fits in design thinking because when you are designing something you have to think about what will your audience want. The user for my pencil case was a friend. The interpretation phase is the phase where the designer puts their user's drivers and constraints which are what the user wants and what challenges the designer is going to phase when designing. The drivers from my interview where organization, security, utility, and affordable. The constraints from my interview were simple and movable.

Step 2: Ideation

Ideation is where the designer gets creative and starts to draw many different designs in post-its or in a piece of paper drawing whatever comes to their mind with a timer.

Step 3: Prototype

To do this pencil case there will be multiple steps to make it easier...

Step 4:

Step 1#

To start making the pencil case grab cardboard, and with the ruler start tracing the length of the pencil case, to do this grab one of your pencils to use as a reference to help you know the length of your pencils so they can fit in the pencil case. Then do the same but move your ruler downwards and depending on how much space you want you go lower and lower. Next for the other sides you just connect them with the lines you made.

Step 5:

Step 2#

Then you do the next pieces, which are the ones that will connect the part from the bottom to the part from the top. The length is the same as the first part you did and the hight is depending on how high you want your pencil case to be. Then you cut all of the pieces that you have just made and use them to trace the bottom part and the other two parts that are going to be in the pencil case.

Step 6:

Step 3#

When your done cutting all the pieces you start to paint them whichever color you want double-sided and wait for them to dry.

Step 7:

Step 4#

The next step is to paste the pencil case together, first plug in the hot glue gun and grab the bottom part and the length piece. When the glue gun starts to get hot you start putting glue in the piece and paste it in the length part of the bottom piece and grab it so it stays and repeat it with the other pieces. But don't do it with the top piece because if not it will not open or close. Instead, grab the cloth and cut it so booth the inside and the outside have cloth then put glue on the cloth and paste it in the middle of the top part and the other piece. Next repeat on the inside.

Step 8:

Step 5#

Then when your done pasting everything together wait for a little and then add the push pins in the top and in the length piece and if the pushpin passes then add little amounts of cloth and paste them in the inside.

Step 9:

Step 6#

Finally, to do the pencil dividers you will need more cloth and pencils so they help you know the exact size so they don't fall. So first you grab the cloth and paste a little part of it to the part where you would like to start the dividers. Then grab a pencil and put it next to the part that you just glued and glue the cloth on the other side. Next start to repeat it with the other pencils, when you're done or there is no more space you paste the cloth and cut the access. When the glue drys remove the pencils from all dividers.

Step 10:

Step 7#

This is the final step, add a rubber band to the pins that are on the outside of the pencil case and loop it like an eight around them. If there is more space put it in booth of the pins but this time don't loop the rubber band. Here are some pictures to help!

Step 11: Finished Design

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