Introduction: Amazin' Christmas Delivery Courier Outfit

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Need to make a last-minute outfit for the Christmas outfit contest at your party? You can make this delivery courier customer in less than ten minutes! It doubles as a box to deliver gifts in.

For those who do not recognize the costume resemblance, in my area Prime delivery couriers do not wear uniforms. They just wear a reflective vest.


6 inch giant adhesive wiggly / googly eyes

Reflective Safety Vest

A small cardboard box.

2 Hook-and-Loop Straps or Strips

Tool for punching a hole into the box. - Scissors work fine.

Optional: Santa Claus Hat

Optional: Permanent Marker to draw a smile on the box or to obscure private mailing label info on recycled box.

Step 1: Affix Eyes to Box

Peel off the wax paper on the back of the eyes to reveal the sticky parts. Affix wiggly eyes onto the box placing them wherever you want to make a face.

Step 2: Punch Slots Into Box

Using a tool such as scissors, puncture one hole at the top left and one hole at the top right corners of the box.

Step 3: Affix Straps to Box

Slide one hook-and-loop strap through each box hole.

Step 4: Put on the Sweater and Reflective Safety Vest

Put the sweater on first and then the vest.

Step 5: Stick Straps to Sweater

Using the hook side of the straps, attach the straps over the shoulders of the sweater.

Step 6: Tuck the Straps Under the Vest

Tuck the straps between the vest and the sweater so that they are aesthetic.

Step 7: Done!

Done! You've made a last minute Amazin' Delivery Guy Costume!

Fill the box with presents and head on over to the party!

Wondering what presents are in my box? Check out the photo.

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