Introduction: Amazing Way to Test Batteries!

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Here is an amazing and simple way to test whether alkaline batteries are charged!

If you have a device that doesn't seem to be working and you don't have a multi-meter or battery tester, you can check a batteries charge by doing this simple test!

Watch the video and see the test results including slow-motion which shows the bouncing of the discharged battery! Pretty amazing! Try it out yourself and let us know your test results!

Read the details in this Instructable after the video.

Step 1: Pre-test Check

I took two batteries, an Energizer and an Enercell. Both AA batteries and both Alkaline. The Energizer was almost fully charged reading 1.45V. The Enercell was discharged down to only .69V

Step 2: Drop Test

The ENERGIZER was lifted about 3" above a hard surface (hard wood floors) and dropped. It made a thud sound and rested on the bottom or negative (anode) end and stayed standing. No bounce.
The ENERCELL was also lifted about 3" above the same surface and dropped. It clearly bounces a couple of times and lands on it's side. I did this test multiple times and even tried different battery brand combinations. Each time the result was the same! Why does this happen. My theory is that as the alkaline in the battery wears out from discharging, it creates a gas at the anode end which gives it buoyancy or the ability to bounce. The discharged battery needs to be at least half discharged to .75V or less.