Amazing Fidget Spinner Toy DIY With Your Laser Cutter

Introduction: Amazing Fidget Spinner Toy DIY With Your Laser Cutter

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Here is an amazingly simple to make fidget spinner that you can cut with your laser cutter. Relieve all your daily stress and have fun for the whole twenty minutes that it takes you to make this toy.

The INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO is fun to watch!

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Step 1: Items Need for This Build

  1. Scrap piece of 3/16 (.160") acrylic or just about any hard material you can cut on your laser.
  2. 4 pieces R8 (6mm ID, 22mm OD) roller bearings (be sure to soak in acetone to remove any oil)

Step 2: Laser Cut the Part

This part can be cut on your laser out of any 3/16" hard material. Acrylic, MDF or similar will work.

Step 3: Assemble As Shown in Video

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