Amazing Harry Potter Wands...:D

Introduction: Amazing Harry Potter Wands...:D

These wands are made entirely out of paper and they look awsome...:D
You need :
A4 Paper / US Letter Size (not both)
Hot glue gun
Double sided or two sides of celatape

They look UNBELIVABLY realistic....!!!:D
Please Try these you'll be so pleased...!! :D

Children under 10 May need a adults help..!!!!!! :)

This is not completly mine this is also someone elses so please understand that..!

Step 1: First Step....:D!

Firtly you need to place a peice of double sided sticky tape diagnally across a A4 piece of paper.

Make sure its diagonal..!!! 8)

Look below for the daigram!!!! 8)

Step 2: Step Two.....8)

Secondly role the paper tightly.

Look below for the daigram!!!! 8)

IMPORTANT: Please don't forget to remove the cover on the side of the tape.. i no it sounds silly but u'd be supprised...!!! :D 

Step 3:

Once rolled up to the tape cover the rimainder of the paper in glue...:D

Continue To Roll....:D

Look below for the daigram!!!! 8)

Step 4: Step 4...!:)

Just snip a little be off of each end so its the same length

Diagram Below....:D

Step 5: Step 5..:D

Carefully dribble glue gun glue into both ends of the wand (one at a time, waiting till each end is set). For the bigger of the two ends, you can pack the end with a little rolled up tissue pushed down a bit with a pencil so that you don't have to use too much glue. For the bigger end you will probably need to have two goes. If you are careful you can achieve a rounded end, as the glue is setting make sure that you rotate the wand to stop it slumping to one side or dripping over the edge. The same goes for the little end, although if you have wound the wand tightly enough, you will not need to fill this twice.

Diagram Bellow....:)x

Step 6: Step 6 Nearly Dun...!! :)

Now make a preety pattern round the wand and turn it as you do so it goes all the way round dont forget 2 full cercles on bottom and a space for your hand...!!!!

see diagram bellow:D

Step 7: Step 7

Apply base this can be:
spray paint
or artist base...!

Apply this everywhere....!!!:D

See diagram below...:D!!

Step 8: Step 8 Painting

Paint your wand whatever colour you would like it !!!

I find these work best:
Lite brown
Earthy colours even green dark tho...:D

Step 9: Step 9 Gold (Optional)

Now using either:
Thin paint brush and gold paint
Finger and Gold paint
Gold pen...:S

Use one of the above methods ^^^^^^^ and go round all the sticky out bits...:D

Diagram Below...!! :)

Step 10: Finishing Step:

Use your wand to impress your friends they'll never know that its paper:

Saves you money
Un brakeable

Get CASTING.......!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Even add little pencil toppers on the end if u want....!!1 :D

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    6 years ago

    :D awesome!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Look familiar?
    Please don't try to take credit for others' work AND withhold the creative commons license.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I understand you however i was looking for inparation and basically for some of my friends sorry...8'( i dont understand the license however i think people can still get it .... i was looking at this today and believe i left a comment...

    Very Sorry for any inconveniance caused...

    Alice xx!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, no worries. Maybe you could post a link to the original 'ible in the intro section of yours so that there's no more confusion regarding your intentions? :)

    Also, you can change the license back to the (default) creative commons if you click on the "Change Keywords, Category(s), License" link in the author options box.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Assuming I guessed correctly about what that means (I have a terrible grasp of text speak), yup :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh lol I was completely wrong xD
    Nope, I just use plain 'ol gmail.