Introduction: Amazing Homemade Desktop

I love the way i created this amazing electronic Desktop , it can be used with real life laptops, phones, cameras, or any electronic device , also, you can put away anything like Dvd's, Usb's, or any other things you want to save there. it also comes with a Fake screen and a dvd case if you dont want to add the real laptop to it, so you can pretend with a fake screen nd fake dvd, also you can add a real antena for a Tv or Laptop, isnt That Amazing ? So many things At A Time & Its All made from Trash (Cardboard box) to An Amazing Creation !

This are my answers to the questions:
1)What did you make?
-i made an Amazing electronic desktop, and it works like you get a laptop or something and put it on top to make the whole thing work, and well , you can also save stuff in the drawers, its like your own mini desktop.

2) How did you make it?
- I made it with cardboard boxes, scissors, mini bucket, mini drawer , and other mini stuff you want to add to it.
Did you work with anyone else?
-i worked alone, noone ekse helped me.
Did your plans and ideas change as you worked on the project?
- my plans and ideas did change as soon as i did it, because at first i was thinking of doing a mini go cart for a doggy, but then i changed it.
3) Where did you make it?
-i worked on it in my house.
How did the project connect to other activities in your life?
- The project connected to activities in my life, because i usually use electronic devices, so its my thing (:
4) What did you learn?
-i learned that i can do things alone, and i do not need to be with someone , i can always be independently.
Describe your biggest challenges and any surprises that arose during the build. What are you proudest of?
- im proud that i was even able to do it, because im very impatient With doing those kinds of stuff.
If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?
- What i would do different is that i would put it to show With a real laptop & connect The whole thing so that it can show how it would work

Step 1: Get Cardboard Boxes

First, you get a big cardboard box.

Step 2: Add Screen & Dvd Box

Next, You Grab a Movie Disc, and that can be used to pretend a fake dvd , and you grab a smaller cardboard box so it can be the screen, (if you dont want to use a real life laptop) , and you paste it with glue gun onte the bigger cardboard box, and you peek a hole under so the dvd case could fit in.

Step 3: Add Dvd / Cd Storage

After That, you will need a mini bucket, almost the same size round like the Dvd's & Cd's, you will cut a hole with scissors so that you can fit in the bucket, and once its fit in, you will now have you own cd/Dvd storage, there you can be able to put your Cd's

Step 4: Peek a Hole for Usb Drives

Next, you will peek a hole next to the fake screen or anywhere you desire, and you can put the hole so that you can insert a Usb drive, (any kind) in my case, im putting an antena to it .

Step 5: Add Xtra Small Stuff

In this part, you can add other stuff, in my case, i inserted a plug connection, so that you can plug it in & the whole system will work good, i also added extra electronic devices, like phones, and a pasted a camera on top of the screen, and a put a hole to put in some earphones too.

Step 6: Add a Drawer to It

Next , you will grab a mini drawer, you will cut a hole in the very front of the box & once your done, you can insert the drawer, and in there you can put away important stuff or like me, your Usb Drives, and its like WOW!, You have an electronic mini desktop with a drawer Too ! ?

Step 7: Pick Up Screen & Your Desktop Is Ready!

After Everything, you will pick up the screen because ofcourse it wont stay laying down, an there ! , you have your amazing Desktop Electronic device Mini Cardboard Table !