Introduction: Amazing Solar Cell Car

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Hello readers in this instructable i will show you how to make unique kind of solar power car in very easy way...Continue reading

Step 1: Skip to Video If U Hate Reading! Https://

Complete video showing how to build this car

Step 2: List of Materials

  • Solar panel
  • DC Motor
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue
  • Empty color pen
  • Time!

Step 3: Car Body

  • Cardboard is cut so the dc motor fits in at the front
  • This makes our driver!
  • Support the wheel shaft using color pen body
  • Coupled using hot glue

Step 4: Wheels

  • I used wheels which i got from local hobby shop
  • Shaft i recycled from umbrella spokes
  • Everything is put together as shown in the images

Step 5: Finishing

  • DC Motor is connected to solar panel
  • Joints are insulated using hot glue
  • Wheel is attached to motor shaft
  • Solar panel is glued to cardboard
  • Take your project under the sun and have Fun!

Hope you enjoyed this simple and fun science project,if so please share this with your loved ones so let them enjoy building it! .ThankYou and have a Good Day :)

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