Amazing Star Gift Tags



Introduction: Amazing Star Gift Tags

Homemade gifts are great! Class them up with a great/fancy-looking gift tag!

You'll need:
* 2 or more colors nice paper
* Scissors or paper cutter
* Tape
* Embroidery Thread (or any string)
* Ruler
(Optional: Decorative Paper Punch)

Step 1: Measure, Mark and Cut Your Paper

Mark two opposing edges with your measurements.  I used 1/2 Inch measurements.  This will be the thickness of your star strips.

Next, draw lines connecting the marks.

Cut out the strips!

Step 2: Cut Your String

Embroidery thread is great for this and very inexpensive.  And you can match it to your colors!

I wasn't sure how I wanted to hang the tags at first, so I cut pretty long pieces--Cut the embroidery thread loop in half.

Step 3: Start Folding!

If you've ever made a folded Chinese star, then this step is pretty easy.  If you haven't, check out how it works:

Start by making a "flat knot" on one end of the paper: Make a loop like an awareness ribbon, then fold the short end INTO the loop. 

Pull the ends tight and then flatten it out.  It should make a pentagon with a short tail, and the rest of the paper.

Step 4: Add the String

On the 'back' side (with the white part of paper up) you're going to attach a bit of string.

Hold it so it is coming out one of the corners, and then tape it down.

Step 5: Fold It Up!

First, tuck in that short bit of paper.

Take the long part and start wrapping it around the hexagon, keeping the string where it is.

When you get to the end, tuck in the last bit--you might have to trim it.

You should end up with a nice flat pentagon with the string coming out the top!

Step 6: Make It a Star

Take your pentagon and poke in the flat sides with your fingernail.  This will pop it out so it is 3D.

Now you have one awesome side of your tag.

Step 7: 2nd Star

Now that you're a pro at making these paper stars, make a whole bunch of them.

Then, grab a strip of your 2nd colored paper, and a completed 1-star string

Fold your first flat knot into the paper, and tape the other end of the string into it.  Fold as before.

Then you have a double-star-sided string!  Now make a whole lot more!

Step 8: Tags!

At this point, any tag you put on this is going to look awesome.

I had two ideas for tags:

1:  Cut out some other colored paper, punch a hole in it (star paper punch looks awesome) and slip your star string through.

2: Wrap your star string around the gift and tie.  Write 'To' on one star and 'From' on the other

Go crazy! 

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