Introduction: Amazing Water Fountain With Plastic Bottle and Led (DIY)


In this project, I've shown you how to make an amazing water fountain by recycling plastic bottles. The fountain base was made with white cement and the body was made using PET bottles, cement and cloths.


- 7 PET bottles of various size.
- 3 to 4 spoonfuls of Cement, 300g white cement,
- 2 rolls of bandage and cloth pieces,
- Waterproof RGB Remote Controlled LED strip:
- 12v 3w submersible pump:
- Hot Glue Gun:

* For painting I used Berger all-weather paint and acrylic paints to highlight.
* For making the water outlets I used pvc wire covers. Link:

Step 1: How to Setup the Body.

Place the bottles in ascending order and tape them together. Mark and cut them from the neck height.

Step 2: Making the Mouth of the Waterfall & Water Inlet

3/4th casing of being used to make the mouth of the waterfall.
A hole is made to the smallest bottle from below (this will ensure the water runs out of the system to the base)
PVC pipe and an elbow joint being used for the water inlet, which is fitted to the largest bottle from inside-out and fixed using cement.

Step 3: LED Installation

A 3 meter remote controlled RGB LED strip is wrapped around the bottles and then masked with some masking tape to cover the strip from getting smudged in the following steps.

Step 4: Coating

Gauze wrapped onto the body and made wet. Then few spoonfuls of cement being sprinkled as a coat over the body. Before they could dry off, some cloths were dipped in white cement and used for coating the entire body and then dried.

Step 5: Colour

A brown weather coat exterior paint was used to cover the subject and rock-like texture was made using acrylic green & burnt Seana.

Step 6: Pump & LED Connection

12V water submersible pump connected with a 12v adapted.
RC RGB LED Strip Kit has all the supplies needed to light the LED. A DC Adapter has a sensor to receive remote signals and is powered by a 12V DC adapter. Please go through the images in sequence to take a look.

Finally, you need to put the model in a tub and test it.

Step 7: Finished Model & Variation

I took a round cemented bonsai pot which I used as my base.
This LED fountain can produce 16 colours & 24 different modes like blinking, fading, colour changing at different rhythm etc. that can be controlled using a remote.


** I've also tried this project with smoke/mist & it turned out... awesome.
---watch with mist maker:

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