Introduction: Amazing Flower Pop Up Card.

Make an amazing flower pop up card.
You need 10 piece of normal printer paper.

for paper rose ball

for cool paper cd case

for paper snowflake 3d

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Step 1: First Piece of Paper .

Fold as on foto.

Step 2: 9 Piece of Paper.

All 9 piece you must fold this way.
Eight of them you need vully.
One of them you need only half.

Step 3: First Pice of Paper and the First Flower

You have 1 piece of paper 8 flower and 1 half flower.
Take the first pice of paper and the first flower.
You see point where you must use glue.

Step 4: 8 Flowers

The Points schow you where you must use glue.
Make this way all 8 flowers.

Step 5: The Last One

Now you have only half flower.
Put the glue as on foto.