Introduction: Amazing Levitating Paintbrush

Want to make a paintbrush levitate? Here are some tips on making it successful.

Step 1: Step One: Gather Your Materials

6 magnets, one small foam board, one paintbrush,one piece of plastic, tape

Step 2: Step 2: Build

Take your foam board and make slots for four of your magnets to sit in. Make sure all their poles face the same way. You may want to tape them down. Put the other two magnets on the paintbrush and make sure they repel each other. You may want to tape these, too. Make a slot for the piece of plastic, and put it in front of the four magnets. Look at the videos for any help you might need. When you put the paintbrush above the four magnets, one end of the paintbrush should lean against the piece of plastic. Look at the videos to help. When you finish, show all your friends and amaze them!