Introduction: Amazon Delivery Box Costume

The doorbell rings and there is a familiar sight: a stack of Amazon boxes from your most recent order...or is it? Here is a super simple, quick and easy, almost free, recyclable, kid’s (or adult, if you order big stuff) Halloween costume.


1 large empty Amazon box
1 small or medium empty Amazon box
Packing Tape

Step 1: The Main Box Body

Tape both of the boxes closed. Cut a rectangular hole in the top of the large box. Cut it so that it is large enough for the person wearing it to slip shoulders/hips through but also small enough that the small box covers the opening completely. Also cut a rectangle in the bottom for feet and legs to pass through.

Step 2: The Hat

Cut a couple of crosses to make an oval 8 point “star” in the bottom of the smaller box. Fold the triangles inward and adjust to fit the person’s head snugly. Tape any loose flaps together or out of the way on both boxes.

Step 3: Trick or Treat!

Put the hat on and step into the large box with a candy bucket or bag. Ring the doorbell. Crouch and tuck into the lower box. Stand up and say trick or treat. Pick up the lower box by the edges and walk away.

Consider adding some handles or finger holes in the large box to make walking easier.

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