Introduction: Amazon Echo(Alexa) Plant Waterer

This is a simple project that allows you to water a plant via your amazon echo device.

Step 1: Gathering Materials


1.) a Smart Outlet that works with Alexa (I used a TP-Link smart Plug)

2.) A small water pump

3.) Plastic Tubing

4.) A container with lid (I used an old Tupperware container)

The bigger the container, the less you will have to refill the water reservoir.

5.) Sugru


Amazon Echo Device


Drill bit roughly the same diameter as the tubing

Step 2: Setting Up the Smart Outlet

Plug the outlet in, download the Kasa app, and follow the instructions to link the outlet to the app. When asks to name device, chose a simple name that Alexa would understand. For example I used the name "Plant".

Open your Amazon Alexa app, download, and enable the Kasa skill.

Click the "Manage Devices in Smart Home" button and then click "devices".

Click discover to find your Smart plug.

Test to see if it is working by saying "Alexa, turn (name of outlet) on/off ".

Step 3: Creating the Reservoir

Drill a hole the same diameter as the tubing into the top of the base of the container.

Place the pump in the container, feed the tubing through the hole and connect it to the pump.

Make sure the pump is pulling the water from the bottom of the container.

Once the pump is in the place you want, use the sugru to fill around the tubing at the hole, this will stop any leaking. Also, fill any cracks that may have occurred during drilling.


Cut a slot for the cord of the pump at top ridge of the container

Step 4: Drilling the Lid

Drill holes into the lid of the container.

I used the same drill bit as I used for the tubing hole.

These holes allow for excess water to fall back into the reservoir and an easy way to refill the reservoir.

Step 5: Cutting the Tubing

Place the lid on the container and the plant on the lid.

Cut the tubing so there is enough to go up the pot and to the center of the plant.

Remember, it is better to cut it too long and cut again later than too short.

Step 6: Calibrating the Pump

Fill the reservoir up with water, then move the tubing to roughly the position it would be in when secured to the plant.

Turn the pump on and off to find the right pump setting to use.

The pump should be strong enough to bring the water up the tube, but not to strong that the water gushes out and drowns the plant.

Step 7: Finishing the Project

Put the plant on the lid, then secure the tubing on the pot of the plat using sugru.

Once the sugru is done drying, test if the system is working correctly.

If working correctly you are done!

Optional things to do:

Paint the outside of the reservoir

Drill a hole in the pot and place tubing through hole

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