Introduction: Ambient Overhead Light Replacement

This instructable shows you how to swap out your ambient console light in your Honda Ridgeline (or similar Honda automobile) with a different color. The factory color in my Ridgeline was amber and I switched it to blue.

Step 1: Tools Required

8mm Socket and Driver or Phillips screwdriver
Official Honda Trim Removal tool or plastic picnic knife)
Exacto Knife
Dyke cutters
Victory HopDevil Beer

Step 2: Parts Needed

The old part is an Amber t1.5 LED, the new part is a narrow beam Blue T1.5 LED purchased from

Step 3: Removing the Console Part 1

The first step to removing the console is to remove the 2 light covers from the interior lights. This is done by prying with a trim removal tool at the front and back edge of the light covers where the lights pivot (need illustration)

Step 4: Removing the Console Part 2

Next, remove the 4 screws that hold the console into the headliner. Two are under the sunglasses holder and the remaining 2 are under the light covers you removed in the previous step. The screws can be removed with a phillips head screw driver or an 8 mm socket (recommended). Once this is done the console will drop down.

Step 5: Removing the Console Part 3

Once the console is dropped from the headliner there are two wires to disconnect. Disconnect both the green and gray plugs and the unit can be brought to a clear work area.

Step 6: Separate Homelink\lighting Module From Main Housing

Next, the homelink module must be removed from the console. To do this, position the unit so it is upright and pry the tabs at the locations indicated in the photo. The module and lights should come free of the main housing.

Step 7: Remove Homelink Unit From Light Housing

Remove the homelink unit from the light housing by pushing in the 4 tabs, 2 on each side, and separating the parts.

Step 8: Remove the Cover From the Homlink Unit

Pry at the 4 tabs to remove the cover from the homelink unit.

Step 9: Splitting the Homelink Unit

With the cover removed the 2 halves of the unit can be separated. Pry at the 2 tabs, one on each side, and carefully separate the 2 halves. Be careful not to bend the pin connector that is part of the top half of the unit. These pins pass through the circuit board and connect to a plug on the other side.

Step 10: Remove the Circuit Board

Now the circuit board can be removed from the unit. I did not fully remove it as the green plug is attached with adhesive. Simply move it enough to give access to the back of the LED we are removing.

Step 11: Removing the LED

The LED is a twist-lock type to remove it you may need a pair of pliers as the fit may be tight. To remove it hold the bottom (not the bulb end) and twist the bulb counterclockwise. The bulb should come free.

Step 12: Trimming the New Bulb

The bulbs I ordered did not fit into the back side hole in the homelink unit. I simply removed some of the plastic on the back of the bulb to make it fit. Use a knife or dremel tool to remove enough material for the bulb to clear the round hole.

Step 13: Inserting the New LED

The new LED should fit in the board and twist to lock in place in the opposite direction the old bulb came out.

Step 14: Testing the New LED

Now before we reassemble the unit you should test the new LED by reconnecting the GREEN connector and turning on the headlights in your vehicle.

Step 15: Reassemble the Unit

Reassemble the unit by reversing the disassembly steps and reinstall the console in the headliner being careful not to over tighten the 4 screws.