Ambient Car Door Lighting

Introduction: Ambient Car Door Lighting

a quick look at how EL Wiring can be used in many applications...
First I recommend learning how El Wiring works n how it operates... a inverter needs to have a load... which means it needs to have at least 2 feet of El Wire so the inverter doesn't have problems...Once you've figured out wat you want to do with your El Wiring lets begin then here im showing you in a 2003 Mazda Protege...
Beginners work time about 3-6 hours depends on knowledge of what your doing and tools

Step 1: Getting Started

step one getting ur materials ready..
In the first photo its a radioshack inverter (**not sponsored by them I just use there products**) with this inverter youll test out your new El Wiring...
2nd photo is the El Wiring i ordered some on ebay cheaper to do soo... you tell me...10$ for 15ft on ebay plus the wait or 14.99$ for 10ft....Ill let you chose
once figured out everything is functional then lets get into how I did everything else...

Step 2: Electronics Wiring

87- constant power
30- output of pin 87
85- signal wire
86- Ground

My Wiring

87- battery
30- possitive (+) to 12v inverter
85- 12v parking light wire
86- Ground

the way I connected the relay was in relation to the cars parking lights

parking lights mod:*with-pics*

the mazda protege has a wire which is the foglight switch theres a light-green and black wire..thats your parking lights wire
the location for that wire is on the side panel of the foglight switch pop it off there the wire

take that wire and add it to your relay for the 12v inverter for the El Wire...
choose what you want to turn on the relay and place it on pin 85 thats your signal wire it takes only 120mA to power a relay
once you've figured out your signal wire lets begin to the installing of wiring and fabrication

Step 3: Installing El Wiring

As you can see from the beginning I chose the door panel...
I thought about using glue due to it was the quickest thing I can think of (If you live in Georgia loctite 404 or 3m glue or "kabota glue" is what I call it) but then I thought theres fabrics n plastics soo it would stain white and a a hugh mess...
soo I was fishing around and came across fishing line (get it haha fishing around I kno hold the applause)
once iv gotten it all in I look at the back of the door panel and saw this thickish material (partical board I wanna say??)
I cut through it made a nice enough hole not to big not to small enough for the fishing wire to go thru the door panel...
from there just work your way around until completely held in place and I just knotted it on the back and a dab of hot glue just in case...

Step 4: Fishing Wiring Throughout the Door Frame

For a perfect install ask any mobile electronics installer go through the door grommets
for the mazda protege they have worthless and excessive plastic for the door wire harness soo I had to think quick and I saw that if I dremel out alil bit of the metal and plastic nothing will happen just make sure you dont slip and cut a wire or cut anything other wat u need to cut...
grommets are a pain the ass any day I used a large box zip tie to slip the wiring I had into the grommet and sealed it for a flawless install

Step 5: Reassemble and Enjoy

once you have assembled alll of your parts then can lean back and enjoy for work

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