American Flag Toboggan Ornament

Introduction: American Flag Toboggan Ornament

This ornament joins the wintery image of a toboggan with the patriotism of the American flag. The sled is 2.75" long and 1" wide. The toboggan is made up of 13 planks, one for each stripe on the flag.

Step 1: Designing the Toboggan

This ornament was modeled in 3D CAD software. The toboggan shape is rather simple, however the American flag has certain proportions that should be kept. I used the guide from to make sure I held the proper proportions.

Even without color, the flag is easily recognizable on the toboggan. But, with some simple painting of the 3D printed model, the flag could be colored to really stand out.

The eyelet used to hang the toboggan is located on the sled at the center of mass (COM) so the ornament will hang evenly. Determining the COM is easily done within the 3D CAD software.

I also put two small holes on the front of the toboggan to give the option of adding some string as the pull rope for the sled. Instead of using the eyelet to hang the ornament, the string could be used to hang the toboggan vertically. Although, then the flag would be hanging in an orientation that violates the guidelines for American flag display.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! This is a great ornament.

    I actually made a little toboggan ornament a few years ago. Made of wood though, so not as cool as a 3D printed one!