Introduction: America's Cup AC72 Design - Narrow Hull Catamaran

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This meets the dimensions of the America's Cup AC72 class ships.  The design measures, 21 meters long, 13.5 meter beam and a depth of 3 meters at the deepest part of the hull.

I designed this with the idea that a narrow hull with a flat front would reduce drag and provide a built-in keel for sailing purposes.    The rear of the boat has the deeper hull.  After I drew it out, I wasn't sure if the front should have the deeper hulls, and  my thoughts were backwards.

For simplicity and by my lack of Sketchup skills, I've put no skin on the hull to help visualize the shape for users better.  No fluid dynamic testing has been done on this model, this is more of an intuitive exercise in how I believed a fast yacht should look.  I also have no thoughts on the feasibility of actually constructing such a thing, but I assume that boat builders would be able to get something pretty close in spirit.

I have included images and the Sketchup file for reference.

Please comment and let me know if this would actual sail.

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