Amiibo Display for $0.00

Introduction: Amiibo Display for $0.00

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This is so easy a blind monkey can do it

Step 1: Get Amiibo

Obtain Amiibo from the Super Smash Brothers series, Super Mario series, or the new Splatoon series

Step 2: Take Out Amiibo

Take the said Amiibo out of packing (unless you want it boxed)

Step 3: Take Out Plastic and Card Board Pieces

Take the Plastic that hold the Amiibo in place and the cardboard "Amiibo logo" thing out, these will be the main parts of the build

Step 4: Assemble the Display Stand

This is simple, put the cardboard piece underneath the plastic mold

Step 5: Assemble Part 2

Tape it (in the back and on the sides as shown)

Step 6: Insert Amiibo

Lastly, place your said Amiibo in the slot

Step 7: Put on Display

These stands can also be used on the Nintendo Wii U's NFC Sensor(if you removed the lead sticker, that is)

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Matthew KyleB
Matthew KyleB

3 years ago

I wish I had seen this 57 amiibo ago.

If the original art for the backing could be preserved that would be the best part honestly.