Introduction: Ammo Box Speakers

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I need some speakers that would withstand some weathering and look nice in the my new jeep. So I used some old military ammo boxes and so 6x9 speakers.

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Step 1: Materials

2 - 6x9 speakers I use some cheap ones from walmart for $24
2- Military Ammo Boxes Pawn Shop 4.99
1- Can Black rustoleum $3
1- Dip it rubber coating $4

Step 2: Cut First

The 6x9 speakers will come with a template which you can lay directly on the box. Make sure you center the speaker and have the handles facing the way you want. Trace template on speaker then use a grinder, drimmel , or Drill to open up a place to start. Once you have a starting point you simply follow the template line you traced with a jig saw.

Step 3: Sand, Paint, and Mount Speakers

Now its time for paint I went with paint/rubber spray/paint gives it some texture and hopefully makes it a bit stronger. Lay the speaker in the hole after paint has dried and use a marker to mark where holes should be drilled for screws. Also at this point dill out a hole for the speaker wire to come through. Then give all edges a good sanding before mounting the speaker.

Step 4: Wire

Wire speakers and turn it up to 11...

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