Ammo Can Battery Box for Your Ebike Battery




Introduction: Ammo Can Battery Box for Your Ebike Battery

I went to the army surplus store and purchased a strong metal ammo can for $18, it mounts perfectly well on the rear rack of my bicycle. I have seen many people use soft battery bags or plastic toolboxes that shatter as the battery moves about. This ammo can should give you a better option in every way; it is cheap, durable and very effective. I did not fully intend to make an instructable so it's more like a documentary of an idiot trying to attach and modify a box to his bike and stuff his LifePO4 battery inside. Anyway, I hope it gives you some ideas to improve upon or implement into your own E-bike.

I would like to make this removable while making it secure, like if it could be clipped on or locked into place would be nice, should any of you have any ideas how to do this, or improve anything I did, let me know.

USE LOCK TIGHT ON THE BOLTS!!!!... Don't ask... :(

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    7 years ago

    Protect any electrical connections if the + and - connect in that metal box you could explode the battery just saying metal is a EXCELLENT conductor for electricity so be carefully and cover and protect the power connections that's why most use plastic


    8 years ago on Introduction

    good job for a cheap and relatively effective way of attaching batteries to your bike. the other jerks who have commented didn't take your waring about "idiocy" in mind. "try something your own speed" is how people stay stuck in school and doing office jobs the rest of their lives. you pushed out of your realm of knowledge and it payed of. good work. keep trying to do new things, but also read up on other ideas in case someone else has already done it.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Yeay! Someone rated my... video thing! Thank you person! Sorry you were not impressed lol.