Introduction: Ammo Boxes for Panniers

I am an avid commuter and I wanted to add panniers to my bike, but with a twist. I was inspired by the use of the ammo box for the cover of "Final Doom", and Zapwizards computer mod. I had a few of those ammo boxes lying around, and I figured they would make great panniers.

Step 1: Gather Materials

I did this on a whim, so I did not plan very well, or buy the best supplies.

There was only one place to get stainless hardware in my small college town, so I had to make do with what I had.

I bought some stainless machine screws(needed bolts), nylock nuts, and 1/2" clamps.

I had an old inner tube lying around to use in the clamps to prevent squeaks.

Finally you need the ammo box they are commonly refered to as 25mm ammo box(or can).
They are made of heavy duty plastic, open at both ends, have a rubber gasket, a removable divider for the projectiles, and they should be waterproof.
25mm ammo box

Step 2: Anti Squeak

This step became useless when I found out they make clamps with rubber dampeners already installed.

I wasn't into measuring so I just guesstimated with a lighter.

Step 3: Mounting on the Rack

I just eyeballed it.
I left enough room so my feat didn't hit the ammo box.

Step 4: Fully Mounted

Mount both sides otherwise it will lean one way or the other.

Step 5: Load Them Up

Plenty of room for a change of clothes and my school books.
Too bad it was way heavy.

Step 6: Try Different Boxes

I did this for the photo op.