Introduction: AmmoCan Boombox

So I have been dying to make one of these for a while ever since i saw the ones here on instructables, especially from Medic55, thanks for the insight. Here is my take on this cool project. Some features I absolutely wanted to focus are the following:

- Loud

- Clear

- Capable of multiple audio inputs

- Bluetooth capable

- rugged

- affordable

- portable

Step 1: Parts, Tools and Materials

So some things you need


Ammo can (800 count 5.56 mm ammo can)

18 gauge wire (at least 2 colors)

heat shrink


12V mini amplifier

Speakers (nothing larger than 5 in and 12V)

toggle switch

12V battery

12V battery charger

RCA to 3.5mm audio cable

bullet or quick connect connectors

circuit board


Female DC connector

size M DC power plug



wire stripper


crimping pliers

soldering iron

metal file

lighter (for shrink tube)




safety glasses

Step 2: Power Circuit

So the wiring is not complex. just put all the components that require 12 volts in parallel with each other, and put your switch in series between your power source and all your loads. At first I just used all sorts of connectors, but the system was finiky and would not stay powered if I was bumping the boombox around. Therefore I used the circuit board. there are lots of resources that you can use to learn how to solder on circuit boards and how to use one efficiently. The hardest part is to solder properly and use a quality board. practice makes improvement, just take your time.

For the bluetooth I used a 12V accessory car outlet, but this can vary depending on what you are using

Step 3: Speaker Circuit

I used a similar board to wire a couple of resistors in parallel with the speakers I used. I needed to increase the resistance of the loads used with the amp I used in order to get the most of my speakers. The speakers are 8ohms each, and I needed to have 2ohms each so I added the resistors

Step 4: Audio Inputs

I wanted to have several audio inputs so I used this instructable to the T. Thanks randofo for a great step by step how to.

naturally I switched it up a bit for my uses, but this can also be completely removed from the boombox for other uses

Step 5: Assembly

plug and play

  • connect battery to your power circuit
  • connect speakers to speaker circuit
  • connect audio switch to amp, and bluetooth
  • use multimeter to check connectivity ( should be using throughout the build to ensure there are no shorts or setching connections
  • power it up, make sure nothing is sparking or smoking

check your connections, make sure they are properly crimped, soldered etc. make sure you don't have any shorts and make sure nothing is wired backwards, on some devices, if current is flowing in the wrong direction it will fry the device. To avoid this think about putting in diodes where you feel necessary

Step 6: Jam Out!

You are all done, just double check all your connections again. Turn on and turn up. have fun and be safe


video of the operation

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