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Introduction: Ammunition Box Tea Organizer

This project is designed by RePlayGround, an eco-crafty company that designs do-it-yourself projects from the stuff you'd otherwise throw in the trash.  You can visit us at

These instructions will show you how to upcycle a rifle ammunition box into a cute tea packet organizer!

What you will need:

small wooden box with a lid (we recommend a rifle ammo or cigar box)
at least 20 empty tea packets
mod podge glue
high gloss lacquer spray

The box we used in this Instructable is a Winchester ammo box, which can be found at Cabela's.

Step 1: Decoupage With Mod Podge Glue.

Decoupage the outside of the box by cutting up tea packet paper and adhering them to the box with Mod Podge glue.  Use the glue as a base and top coat.  We used a foam brush to give a uniform coat.  Once the top coat has dried, apply one or two more coats to make sure everything stays in place.

To make the star burst design pictured here, cut the empty packets into long, thin triangular strips and overap them as you glue them.  Trim off any extra paper that runs over the edge of the box.

Step 2: Apply a Border to the Box Edges

Add a border to your box to give it a nice, finished look.  We made this border by using the silver lining from the inside of Stash Premium tea packets.  Cut strips to be 1/2" in width, then fold and crease them in half hot dog style.  Fit the strips over the edges of the box and adhere with Mod Podge glue.

Step 3: Finish With Glossy Lacquer

Spray or paint 2-3 coats of glossy lacquer finish over your tea packet paper design.  We used Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic spray.  Let dry, then place your assorted tea packets in the box.

This tea box project will certainly add to your organizing arsenal!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool! Is it just me though or does the link go somewhere...unexpected?

    That's a really cute idea! I love how you used old tea packets instead of just decorative paper or magazine clippings.