Introduction: Among Us Candy "pinatas"

Is the candy sus? nope, just the people.

Trying to keep your distance this year? Try a personal pinata for food delivery.

Simply make, fill and leave on your friend or family's porch!

Character printable coming as soon as my scanner decides to function! (oops)


  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Pint
  • Candy
  • Writing stick of so

Step 1: Cardboard!

First you will need to print out or redraw the Among Us character pattern to trace on to your cardboard.

Trace your pattern onto your cardboard twice, make sure to flip the pattern if your cardboard has writing on one side. This will give you a plain surface to paint on.

Cut out your cardboard characters as well as a 1" strip of cardboard the length of your character's edges. For me that was around 22". This may take a couple strips depending on your cardboard.

You will also need to cut out the "door" pieces. This consists of a ~1"x2" piece of thin cardboard and a long thin strip (0.25"x4") and a couple short thin pieces (0.25"x1").

Pro Tip: Use a thicker corrugated cardboard for the front and back and a thinner cardboard, like a cereal box, for the sides. The thinner cardboard is easier to bend with the shape of the character and the thicker cardboard will stand up to being moved better.

Step 2: Glue!

Once all cardboard is cut out you will need to glue it all together.

To do this, first mark out around an inch and a half at the top of your character, this will be the opening to fill with candy. Next grab your trusty hot glue gun, starting on one side of your marked opening, draw a line of glue a few inches long down the edge of your character. Press the edge of your thin cardboard into the glue, making sure the brown side is facing out. Continue around the edge until you get to the other side of your top opening. If you need to connect two strips of cardboard glue the second like the first, then once attached glue them together with a light line of glue down the split.

To add the other piece, either do a quick line of clue around the perimeter of your other face piece or a quick line around the edge of the strips of cardboard. Then press the face piece and the edges of the strips together. Squirt glue into any gaps and smooth with the tip of the glue gun or a piece of cardboard.

Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 3: Paint!


First decide which color you are making. I chose blue. You will need your color of choice, as well as black and white.

Next draw out your guide lines. This can be done by cutting your character print-out and laying them on your cardboard to trace or free-handing them onto the cardboard.

Painting around these guide lines, paint your whole character your chosen color. Let dry to touch, then outline your guide lines in black. This should include a line around the perimeter of your character as well as the goggles and a line to define the backpack from the body.

Paint the sides (the thin cardboard) black, all the way around.

To get your shadow color, add a small dot of black to your chosen color, in your paint palette and mix. Test the shadow color on the bottom half of your character, if it doesn't look right you can always paint over it with a modified shade. Paint the shadow onto your character body and backpack.

For the visor/goggle colors the shine is a plain white. The light is a nice light gray. The dark is a nice medium gray with a little bit of blue mixed in. Paint corresponding sections accordingly.

Also paint all your "door" pieces black.

Step 4: Hidden Door

Gather your door pieces, that are now painted black.

Glue the thin long piece to the "door" piece. This will allow the door to attach to your character's head.

Next figure out where the short thin pieces will go. Do this by laying the "door" on top of hole and marking the ends of the long piece with a pencil.

You will want to glue down the little pieces closer to the hole than the marks you just made. Glue them down with a small dob of hot glue on either end, leaving the middle open to slide the long thin piece under.

Step 5: Finish!

Fill with candy, and slide the long thin tabs under the short ones to attach the hidden door and you have yourself a completed Among Us pinata!!

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