Among Us Themed Pumpkin Painting




Introduction: Among Us Themed Pumpkin Painting

Create an Among Us themed pumpkin with just a few affordable art supplies. This is the prefect way to celebrate Halloween and commemorate the most popular game of Fall 2020.

Step 1: Create a Base With Your Preferred Color

With the paint that matches your favorite player's color and a sponge brush, paint the entirety of your pumpkin. A sponge brush will be easier to cover the pumpkin with and will help you maximize the paint that you use.

Step 2: Mix Your Colors for the Eye of Your Player

Using a mixture of blue and white paint, mix onto a painter's pallet until you get a blue similar to the eye of your character. You can skip this step if you already have paint that matches the color of your character's eye.

After, create a rectangle that covers roughly 1/2 of the front of your pumpkin. Start small and add paint afterwards, since it is much harder to get rid of paint that it is to add.

Step 3: Outline the Eye Using Black Paint

After the blue paint has finished drying, carefully add a black outline around the rectangle you have just created. Using a thin paint brush will ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Add a Thin, White Line to Your Eye

This thin, white line will finish the eye up and complete your pumpkin. Congragulations!

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