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Introduction: Make a Simple Audio Amplifier

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Hello Friends,

This is my first instructable. In this instructable i tell about a "Stereo Amplifier". Which is based on LM-6283 Amplifier IC. This Amplifier IC is mostly use in Radio, Tap, DVD, CD, VCD and simple amplifier circuit. I try to make amplifier more comfortable and Compaq size. In this amplifier I am use a MP3 player circuit which is support USB, Micro SD card, Auxiliary pin, FM radio with a remote control function. This sound amplifier consists good audio quality and clean base sound.

Step 1: Major Requirement

    1 x Amplifier Circuit LM-6283

    1 x MP3 Player Panel Buy here

    2 x RC Male and Female Pins

    1 x 12 V Power Female Adapter

    1 x 7805 IC

    1 x Auxiliary Pin

    1 x 12 V and 1Amp Power Supply

    1 x Laptop Charger Size Enclosure Box (Plastic box)

    Step 2: Minor Requirement

    Soldering Iron

    Ribbon Wire

    Hot Plastic Cutter


    wire cutter etc.

    Step 3: Cut Plastic Box

    First prepare the plastic box. Cut the front side of plastic box for the attaching MP3 player panel. You can use a soldering iron for cutting propose. After cutting the box its view like shown in above image. Make sure that MP3 panel fit to in it. Then after make 2 holes for tight fitting of MP3 player by screw.

    Step 4: Attached Heat Sink

    A heat sink is attached on the IC of amplifier as shown in above image.

    Step 5: Placed the Amplifier Circuit

    After attaching the heat sink on amplifier circuit then placed in plastic box. Use Hot glue gun to fix the position of circuit. To avoid motion of circuit when it fall down.

    Step 6: Connect 12V Female Adapter

    Now connect 2 wire (Red,Black) on female 12V power adapter. Check the polarity of power supply and conform that all the connects are proper way. And soldered it on the amplifier circuit as 12 V DC power supply input.

    Step 7: Add 7805 Voltage Regulator

    The power supply required by MP3 player circuit is 5 V. So a 5 V power supply is required. It is done by using a IC 7805 voltage regulator. which is convert any power supply into 5 V output. Here the 12 V power supply is convert into 5 V power supply so there is some power dissipation in IC 7805. So connected a Heat Sink on the IC, then connect the output of 12 V power supply to IC. First terminal of 7805 IC is INPUT middle is GND and last terminal is OUTPUT. The Positive terminal of power supply is connect to IC input by red wire. And the Negative terminal is connected to GND of IC by using black wire as shown in above images.

    The data sheet of 7805 IC is available on web site

    click here for data sheet

    Step 8: Connection of RC Audio Pins

    Take 2 RC pin with different color and connect its ground to each other. Take a ribbon wire 3 different color. Here we taking 3 color (violet, brown, white) wire. The white wire is connected to ground, violet wire is connected to yellow RC pin, and brown wire is connected to red RC pin.

    First ground wire (white) is connected to ground of amplifier circuit as output. Violet wire is connected to left output of amplifier circuit, and brown wire is connected to right output of amplifier circuit. After connection tight the RC pins.

    Step 9: Connect the MP3 Player

    Take 2 wire red and black for connection of MP3 player circuit. Red wire is connected to 5 V of MP3 player circuit, and black wire is connected to ground of MP3 player circuit. Now these 2 wire is connect to IC 7805 , black is connected to middle terminal of 7805. And the Red terminal is connected to last terminal of 7805 IC.

    The power section is completed.

    Now connect the audio output of MP3 player circuit as input of amplifier circuit as shown in above image. Here 3 color wire (yellow, gray, orange) is used. Gray is connected to right input of amplifier, Orange is connected to ground of input amplifier and yellow is connected to left input of amplifier. Same configuration connection is done on the output of MP3 player circuit. All connection is shown in above images.

    Step 10: Enclosed It

    Before the enclosed it, fix the all movable part by using hot glue gun. Important thing is that each connection is separated each other. For FM antenna a yellow wire of MP3 player is come out plastic box. Attached the upper part of plastic box and fix it.

    And tight it by using screws, and also tight the MP3 player circuit by screws.

    Step 11: Enjoy It

    Now you can Enjoy Music.

    Thank you for reading this Instructable.

    Step 12: Video

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      6 years ago

      you can connect this by a 12 v battery


      6 years ago

      Thanks for circuit idea , I have assembled above , everything working fine , only the humming from usb panel could not eradicated , when usb panel is put off there no humming from amplifire circuit , please help .


      6 years ago

      how to add potentiometer (volume control) to this ?


      Reply 6 years ago

      you can add potentiometer by cut the path of audio input signal and reconnect by a potentiometer.

      one thing is that this circuit consist a IR remote. i forgot attach the remote image.


      6 years ago

      can i connect it to a car battery?