Amplitude and Frequency Reactive Light Decoration

Introduction: Amplitude and Frequency Reactive Light Decoration

This project code is referenced to:

The hardware design was referenced to:


1. Added the rule of frequency determine the color

2. Shift the sensing frequency to a higher pitch

3. decrease the sensitivity in detecting noises

The project was to create a music reactive light only for music. The project added frequency features to change light color due to different frequencies. The version decreases its sensitivity so it can concentrate on the music, not noise.

Demo pictures & videos:

1. Arduino nano x1

2. Wires

3. Microphone input device (Analog input required) x1

4. WS2812b led strip 60 leds + x1

5. 8cm inner diameter, 30cm high acrylic tube x1

6. 3cm inner diameter cylinder x1

7. cardboard

8. static electric frosted window sticker x1

9. transparent tape


1. Scissors

2. Glue gun

3. Two 5v power supply

4. Glue

5. Soldering tools

Step 1: The Program

The program is the soul of a project. To have a project well planned, we must start with the code. Download the code, load the code into an Arduino Nano.


Step 2: Create Your Light Diffuser

You may choose different variation of static electric stickers. Or just use a frosted acrylic pipe instead. In my case, I use a static electric sticker.

1. Wrap the acrylic tube with one layer of sticker.

2. Cut the sticker to suitable size.

3. If the sticker is insecure, tape the sticker with transparent tape.

Step 3: Create Your Circuit

Step 4: Pack Your Circuit Inside

With your circuit done, seal every metallic surfaces that exposed to air with electric resistant tape. Carefully push the Arduino Nano in first, and microphone the last.

Step 5: Create Internal Structure

1. Circle the cylinder with led strip, and secure it.

2. Put the cylinder into the acrylic tube.

3. Cut down two pieces of circular cardboard, stick into two sides.

Step 6: Create External Structure

1. Use any three identical structures as stand

2. Cut down a small piece of circular cardboard, stick it on the top hole.

Then you are DONE

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    1 year ago

    I can't find the code please add a link to it or put it on the instructable


    Question 2 years ago

    The code seems to have disappeared from the linked location, did i get moved if so to where?