Introduction: Amsterdam Photo Scavenger Hunt

- Come up with a Team Name (extra points for creativity)

- All tasks are worth one point. If the clue specifies “bonus point” this is worth an additional point.

- You have 2 hours to complete as many tasks as possible and get back to house.

- Teams must stick together (leave no person behind).

- If the clue specifies “team photo” all team members must be in the photo

Step 1: The Clues: Need Photo Proof!

1. Shake hands with a Rembrandt statue

2. Stand under a street sign beginning with the letter “W”

3. Photo bomb someone’s selfie with your own selfie

4. Play a round of pool/ challenge a stranger to a round of pool

5. Invent company cocktail, get ingredients, and present to group

6. Eat some street food- bonus points if it’s raw herring

7. Clean up 3 pieces of trash

8. Get a team pic in front of the two remaining wooden houses in Amsterdam

9. Send a postcard to someone at home

10. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

11. The person on your team with the earliest birthday in the year must ask a local for directions

12. Learn how to order a coffee in Dutch (if you are a native speaker, you can’t do this!)

13. Run part of the Amsterdam marathon route

14. Buy some Hagelslag

15. Cheers your team at the Wynand Fockink tasting room

16. Ask 3 people on the street their favorite thing to do in Amsterdam- do it

17. Find Gitlab swag trade it with stranger

18. Find currency that is not US dollars or Euros

19. Climb to the top of the Westertoren

20. Try the apple pie at Winkel

21. Play chess at Max Euweplein

22. Buy a flower for a stranger (bonus point if you go to Bloemenmarkt)

23. Team tasting at Puccini Bomboni

24. Take a picture with your team in order of who lives the closest to farthest away from Amsterdam

25. Take a team pic at Dam square

26. Try garlic ice cream at the Garlic Queen

27. Tweet something about the trip- bonus of Sid retweets it

28. Take a disco taxi

29. Decipher secret message on the back of this paper

30. Eat something out of the wall at FEBO

31. Take a team picture in front of the skinniest house in Amsterdam

32. Sample some cheese at De Reypenaer

33. Do a kopstoot, or “headbutt”

34. Take group picture in giant clogs

35. Befriend a local cat