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Introduction: An Android Talking Clock


This is an Android app that I wrote to learn a little bit about Android application programming. Although it is quite simple, writing this app was an interesting educational experience for me and I hope it can also be interesting and educational for others.

App Usage:

There are 4 buttons to adjust the alarm time: hours+, hours-, minutes+ and minutes- The fifth button will say the current time (single press and press-and-hold have the same effect) For the sixth button, a single-press will turn on/off the alarm and press-and-hold will say the alarm time. The app uses AP/PM time and there is no 24-hour time option (there are no configuration menus). Sound Files The app uses prerecorded .wav (or .mp3) sound files, so it is possible to customize the clock with your own voice and sound effects. Here is the list of required sound files (these files live in the res/raw sub-directory):

file name	content

alarm1.wav alarm #1 (digital alarm) alarm2.wav alarm #2 (arcade thump) alarm3.wav alarm #3 (arcade laser) alarm4.wav alarm #4 (really annoying alarm) alarmoff.wav "the alarm is off" alarmset.wav "the alarm is set to" oh.wav "oh" one.wav "1" two.wav "2" three.wav "3" four.wav "4" five.wav "5" six.wav "6" seven.wav "7" eight.wav "8" nine.wav "9" ten.wav "10" eleven.wav "11" twelve.wav "12" thirteen.wav "13" fourteen.wav "14" fifteen.wav "15" sixteen.wav "16" seventeen.wav "17" eighteen.wav "18" nineteen.wav "19" twenty.wav "20" thirty.wav "30" forty.wav "40" fifty.wav "50" am.wav "A M" pm.wav "P M" morning.wav "good morning" thetimeis.wav "the time is" wakeup.wav "time to wakeup"

Further Development:

I have up-loaded all the source code files here

This instructable will not cover setting up the Android development software. There are other instructables that cover that (e.g.

Have fun !!

Step 1: Demo

Here is a short video of the running app.

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    Reply 6 years ago

    Hi Ricky,

    It was a while ago and I don't really recall the reason, but if I were to do it again, would use Google text-to-speech since it has multiple language support.

    Thanks for the comment :)

    PS: I like your clock instructable :)