Introduction: Concrete Lamp (1)

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Hi! Let's see how to make one of these concrete lamps.

Step 1:

Ok, let's start. Connect the wires to a toggle switch.

Step 2:

Apply super glue around and on the top of the switch. That will prevent water from penetrating into the switch.

Step 3:

Insulate everything with plenty of 3M Industrial Adhesive or rubber to metal adhesive.

Step 4:

Wrap everything in 3M electrical tape or equivalent, then let it all dry.

Step 5:

Wrap it again and again and again... Water must be kept away from the switch, so be very careful with that!

Step 6:

Get yourself an E27 plastic socket, make a 4mm hole for the cables, then connect them.

Step 7:

Assemble socket and again be sure you glue and insulate every part so water won't get in. Careful with that!

Just my two cents...

Step 8:

For this lamp I used a custom made mold from 3mm laser-cut acrylic sheets with holes predrilled. A 28mm hole for the socket, a 14mm hole for the cord (I used a M10x1.5mm hex Nut relief cord grip) and a 10mm hole for the switch.

But instead you can use any kind of food storage plastic box, flower pots, plastic jars, anything you like and a reamer.

Step 9:

The bulb will keep the socket in place. Don't overtight. Also at this step attach the switch and the power cord.

Step 10:


Step 11:

Fill the assembled mold with concrete and wait for a day.

Step 12:

Gently disassemble and remove mold.

Get some 150, 600 and 800 grit waterproof sandpapers. 150 is for making the bottom smooth.

Step 13:

Fine sand and polish the surface with the 600 and 800 grit sandpapers and water.

Then attach the nuts, washers and plug.

Step 14:

Attach a bulb, your new lamp is now ready!

Step 15:

Then a few days later I decided to sand the surface to look more "concrete". I also added the "on-off" label. So here is how it looks now.

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